Emerald Cocoon

Metal Rouge - Trails LP EC001

"After a period of semi-hibernation and technological downgrading Metal Rouge are back with the first full length missive by their new trio formation. On Trails lifers Helga Fassonaki (lap steel/vocals) and Andrew Scott (guitar) are joined by true-crime aficionado Caitlin Mitchell (drums) for a free floating investigation into Lew Welch's mist-ridden disappearance into the norcal wilderness on one side and a raging fit of white magic against urban-planning hell on the other. Mumbling low-fidelity chord flares, dual slide attacks and reverb-drenched vocal confusion underwritten by stuttering free cymbal play and outright rockist brutalism combine to make this perversely their most approachable release yet. Come get lost..."

Digital download - $5.

Track Listing

  1. The Sunshine Path
  2. May 1971
  3. Ripe Century
  4. The Sad Song (666)

Pressing Information

Recorded at Green Machines 09, mastered by Pete Swanson, cover by Lemule Barbour. Edition of 300.