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Metal Rouge Broke In & Broke Out LPs available for Pre-Order Posted 22 Sep 2016

Two new Metal Rouge LPs Broke In and Broke Out are now available for pre-order. These LPs are a labour of love 3 years in the making and we're over the moon that they're almost finally here. Read the story of their making below and head over here to pre-order them either singly or together as a discounted bundle only available through the EC shop. Limited to 100 copies only!

"In October 2013 directly after a month long European tour Metal Rouge stepped foot in a 'legitimate' studio for the first time in their history. Elaborate plans for labyrinthine tape delay & spring reverb modalities were scrapped upon arrival, where jet-lagged and delirious they howled out two albums worth of material that they had spent the last month refining on the road alongside rapid fire spontaneous compositions scattered from borrowed amplifiers in a state of tweaked exhaustion. To the casual listener it was not always apparent which was which. Old pieces were spontaneously deconstructed in performance without prior discussion, and improvisations manifested as song forms. A dark energy pervaded the sessions, many gestures seemed channeled. Our minds were often engulfed in the moment leaving our hands to do what they had to. When it was over we had Broke In/Broke Out. Sister albums. We were as surprised as anybody as to what had happened. After 19 full-length releases and 11 years as a creative unit, Metal Rouge present Broke In/Broke Out. Escape in to/out of. One door shuts, another opens. Mourning brass sprayed with guitar hail. Brut raga possession, dark strings chime the universal moment, unconscious sermons delivered in a warm skull. Not conversation, but glossolalia. Not language, but meaning. Silence to sound to silence again.

Metal Rouge is Helga Fassonaki & Andrew Scott. Cover art by Dan Melchior. Covers silkscreened by Alan Sherry at Siwa. Cut by Dubplates & Mastering. Both LPs in a numbered edition of 100 only."

Christina Carter, 'L'Etoile de Mer' released today for endless tomorrows Posted 28 Feb 2015

Christina Carter - L'Etoile de Mer

Stark and intimate even within a discography not lacking in stark intimacy, L'etoile de Mer was Christina Carter's first recorded foray outside of her work with Tom Carter as part of the legendary Charalambides. Recorded in 2000 and originally released as a limited cassette on the notorious Freedom From label, L'etoile de Mer presents the two core elements of Christina's sound as atomized statements: unaccompanied electric guitar on side A, unaccompanied vocals on side B. These atomized statements are pared down further still – single notes and unmoored vocal phrases hanging lonely in the jet black vinyl darkness. L'etoile de Mer's solo guitar side presents two takes of a live score to Man Ray's dreamlike 1928 surrealist film of the same name. Unlike the film, the music here is severely in focus: carefully placed single notes hang in a space made so tense by expectation that the air feels like glass under pressure. Buckling under the weight of their own naked intensity and the films obscure ritual logic both takes end with a sudden descent into a seasick pitch-shifted blur... The B side presents seven etude-like 'songs' recorded in an Austin hallway. Inspired by solo saxophone exercises Christina listens “to the sound of the voice to find my voice more clearly as entirely my own”. Unlike her later solo vocal works on Many Breaths Press (Masque Femine, A Blossom Fell, I Am All The Same Song), these pieces are meditations on sound rather than words. Tongue and throat animate the air, unconstrained by lyrical concerns, vocal shapes are carved, probed, turned over, discarded... Like all Christina's work these solo vocal meditations hold up a mirror to problematic dualities: self/other, conscious/unconscious, freedom/control.... 

Mastered by Sean McCann. Cut at Dubplates and Mastering Berlin. Heavy card stock silkscreened covers. Edition of 300.

March 2015 - LEARNING TO BREATHE Posted 28 Feb 2015


"Imagine whatever you will but know that it is not imagination but experience which makes poetry, and that behind every image, behind every word there is something I am trying to tell you, something that really happened."
- Ira Cohen from 'Imagine Jean Cocteau'