Emerald Cocoon

yek koo - Desolation Peak EC011

yek koo returns with primal minimal maximalism – vocal deconstructions rapping inside raw distortions of emotive gut. All of us are beacons in the void called Desolation Peak, where Kerouac once sat listening to “laconic crackling voices” coming through the radio as the only human sound, bouncing back and forth against the peak of negative space, like the human form with its layers of noise stark against the silence of nature. Intimately confrontational, Desolation Peak owes more to east African ritual chants than it does contemporary guitar modes. Illuminated by the same electricity as A Handful Of Dust or Heather Leigh Murray and like Jandek's best work or Gate’s 'Metric' it is a moment of humanity clawed back from an inhuman world by sheer indomitable outsider will. Vocals multiply & fall back into themselves, guitars bloom like flowers of grit, spells are chanted, the guitar wielded like a weapon, worn like a medallion, until the whole record collapses on itself into a slab of groaning gleaming feedback. Expertly harnessed by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab, MA. Cover Art by Helga Fassonaki.


Track Listing

  1. F-E-E-L
  2. I'm A Pure Wave
  3. Minor Characters
  4. BB Mountain
  5. Future Outlaw
  6. Sound Of
  7. Billy
  8. Dirty Earth
  9. No One's Land

Pressing Information

Mastered by Mark Alan Miller. Edition of 259.