Emerald Cocoon

yek koo - Alone Together #3 – Oh Woman / Flame Creation EC005

Helga Fassonaki (of Metal Rouge) returns as yek koo with her first new release since last years ‘I Saw Myself’ on Stunned Records. Gone are the horizontal string-sprawl epics of past, replaced by a new density and compositional focus. Dictaphone guitar-swirl and declamatory vocal preaching atop loping nod-out rhythm samples, you could almost say yek koo has gone pop….until the b-side hits: a sheet of live industrial slamming recorded at LA’s now defunct spiritual hub, the Echo Curio, that sounds like a real-time channeling of Kali. As hard to pin down as ever, the closest point of comparison would be the Morley/Russell spit 7” lathe on Corpus Hermeticum left to percolate in the merciless Californian sun And even that sounds nothing like it. Confusing, enticing, nuanced and brutal.

7" Vinyl - $6.50
Download - $4

Track Listing

  1. Oh Woman
  2. Flame Creation

Pressing Information

Mastered by Pete Swanson. Edition of 300.