Emerald Cocoon

MHFS - Alone Together #4 – The Grey Lynn Homeless Set EC006

New Zealand-born Tokyo-based physicist Mark Sadgrove aka MHFS aka Hometown Fielding has been quietly upsetting petty notions like 'music' since 2004 when his 'West Auckland Driving Songs' CDR barely drifted onto the scene via Campbell Kneale's Celebrate Psi Phenomena label. From the start all the hallmarks were in place: site specific recordings, lyrical domesticity, systematically illogical recording choices, an acoustic guitar strung only with low Es (his favorite string - who wouldn't want more of a good thing?), invented instruments, real-time linux csound programming, obsessively repeated lyrical fragments, an almost Buddhist sense of 'sound as object', songs buried so quietly under so much hiss that even the most jaded 'difficult music' fans double checked their players to make sure something wasn't broken. In 2006 Metal Rouge played their first ever show (at the Wine Cellar in Auckland, New Zealand) which also doubled as Helga's farewell party for her imminent departure back home to the US. MHFS was asked to play, but busy at work on his PhD thesis ('Resonant Quantum Transport for Kick Atoms') was unable to make it and handed us 'The Grey Lynn Homeless Set' to be played over the PA in lieu of an in-person performance. Billed as a 'special non-appearance by MHFS', Saturday night bar patrons were subjected to completely brutalized fragments of bone-dry pointillist guitar, seemingly random electronic beats jumping across the stereo spectrum and two sub sub sub low fidelity acoustic 'folk' songs buried under masses of hiss and digital haze – the only audible lyrics something about being 'fucking angry'. I wish I could say the bar regulars stopped in their tracks, stunned by the sheer alien illogic of the misshapen audio tumbling from the bar PA, but alas… Most punters just assumed the PA was on the fritz and went back to their drinks – those sounds couldn't possibly be intentional, right? Emerald Cocoon is now proud to present 'The Grey Lynn Homeless Set' in it's short and confusing entirety. Check your cables, check your speakers – beauty has never sounded so broken.

Track Listing

  1. Untitled
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Pressing Information

Mastered by Pete Swanson. Edition of 300.